Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weight Loss Struggles -- Update and Disclaimer

First my disclaimer -- I need to be clear that I am not a physician or a nutritionist. And while I have had some experience in my professional life treating people for issues related to their obesity, I am not in any way attempting to use my professional expertise in this blog. This blog is about my personal experiences with weight loss -- these include continued struggles, as well as the successes I have endured. I am not acting as a psychologist in this blog in any way. For professional advice, a professional, such as a physician, nutritionist, or psychologist, should be consulted.

Now the struggles. While I may be a physically "little person," as one of my friends described my current physique, on the inside I am no different from everyone else who struggles with weight and food. That is part of the purpose of this blog, that even those who struggle can be successful in their battles with weight and food, but make no mistake, it is a battle. I am very proud of what I have accomplished. I have to be careful about that pride. I have lost weight before, as my pictures will show, only to gain it back with interest, so I know I cannot become complacent. I can't say for sure that I have noticed that every day is a struggle, but I do struggle with food regularly. Last year, I was willing, for the first time, to simply acknowledge the possibility that I cannot have sweets again. It took me years to even acknowledge that as a possibility. I know that I can easily be back up to 265 pounds -- or more -- in an instant, if I don't continue to refrain from trigger foods. I have to evaluate what I do every day in regards to food.

This week, I noticed myself obsessing about what I ingested, a regular struggle for me. I have had dreams about eating my trigger foods. If unchecked, the obsessions can lead to a return to dysfunctional eating -- I notice myself hungrier when anxious and obsessing. So far, with God's help, I have not allowed these obsessions or dreams to beat me. It is a constant battle.

I emphasize that this entry is meant as empathy and compassion for those who have similar struggles, not as discouragement. It is also an attempt to offer encouragement -- the battle can be won. For those with specific questions, I have developed certain behavioral techniques that have worked for me so far, and might work for you in your battle as well. I am happy to offer what assistance and information I can from my personal experiences in this blog.

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