Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spirituality in my Travels

I realize that I have alluded to, but not really discussed, how my spiritual beliefs have grown in my traveling. I also realize I am bouncing all over the place as far as where and when I have traveled, but bear with me -- I love to discuss things as they come to me. Anyway, returning to my recent ski trip, it seemed to me my Higher Power was at work. I survived some nasty falls on the skis, including two bumps on the head -- I wasn't wearing a helmet! Then there was my Dad's advice -- my late Dad's advice. Was he with me on the slopes, protecting me with my Higher Power's help? It was he who had, at face value, tried to keep me safe by advising me to stay away from skiing before I lost a lot of weight. The beauty of the mountains -- well that is definitely God's work. The point is, there were a number of coincidences on this trip -- my father's spirit seemed to be alive and well, protecting me through God. Thank you Dad, and Thank You Higher Power!

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