Monday, April 11, 2011

Leaving the Country -- Vancouver

My mother told me that it would be easy for me to go from Seattle to Vancouver for a quick trip. I couldn't pass this up. The idea of leaving the country on my travels was very appealing.

Most of my time in the area was spent in The Great Outdoors. I only had two full days -- we traveled up from the hostel in a shuttle on Monday, July 14. On the 15th, I visited Grousse Mountain.

I can honestly say I am one of those who has crossed the Capilano Suspension is a link:

There were monuments of sports heroes. Here I am in front of Pavel Bure's likeness:

Like most of my destinations, Grousse Mountain would have meant more to me today. Hiking is a hobby of mine, and there are some nice hikes there. I would love to try the Grousse Grind if and when I return to the mountain.

Not pictured, I also enjoyed the skyride.

I spent the next day, the 16th, at the beach.

As I write this, I am touched by memories of my experience -- both what it was, and what it could be if I could do it over today. Vancouver has a lot of natural beauty. I returned in 2004, and went to the Lynn Range, which was a fun experience. I would recommend Vancouver for the outdoors type, among others.

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