Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The actual skiing, and snow-shoeing, was done at Belleayre Mountain -- here is their link:


This is an excellent place for a newbie, such as myself, to learn to ski! I began taking a very basic ski lesson, with one ski on at a time. I shouted, "I'm skiing!" in the style of Bill Murray, from What About Bob? ("I'm Sailing!")

I graduated to the bunny slopes after my lesson, and then to the beginner slopes. I had great camaraderie and discussion with people I met on the lifts -- we were all part of the skiing family now! :)

I did not take my camera on the slopes with me -- I was falling, and falling, and falling. Dad was right about losing weight -- I might have been seriously hurt if I was heavier. I do have some pictures taken in the lodge, however:

And here I am on snow shoes:

Not pictured are the yummy sandwhiches as the old friend, the clam chowder bread baskets, that I sampled from the lodges.

I cannot speak to how this resort compares to others, as these were my first attempts at skiing and show shoeing. I can say the staff was very friendly, the rates were very reasonable (well within my personal budget), and I learned some basic skiing -- I graduated to easier intermediate slopes in my second weekend. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and learn to ski, you'll have a great experience at Bellyare Mountain.

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