Thursday, April 14, 2011

Making lemons out of lemonade in Mobile

I arrived in Mobile on a Saturday night, planning on a day in the area on Sunday before going to New Orleans for my flight back to New York. I did not know that much of what I would want to do would not be possible. Certain outdoor tours were unavailable for various reasons, and some venues, such as The Senior Bowl, were closed during my time in the city. Such is life -- I had to leave Mobile around 1:00 P. M., and venues that opened after that time, or on different days, were just not available to me. So I did what was available.

I have already discussed my scrumptious breakfast at Spot of Tea. The night before, I had dinner at The Bull, pictured below -- very nice as well:

After my breakfast the next morning, I toured the Cathedral Basilica of The Immaculate, followed by a tour of Fort Conde. My tour guide at the fort was knowledgeable, and I will remember him for teaching me the origins of such sayings as, "Don't let the bed bugs bite." Pictures of the Cathedral and the fort are posted below:

I included the picture of the wig, because it triggered my memory of the story the tour guide told me about the origin of the term "Big Wigs."

Here are links for those sites:

Given the "lemons" that Mobile was offering me, and made lemonade. This included iced tea at Serda's Coffee Company, which hit the spot on the hot Southern afternoon, followed by a walking tour of Mobile, snapping pictures of the architecture and other sights. Select photos are posted below:

The Fountain and gazebo like structure at Bienville Square.

I also liked the Scottish Rite Temple:

And I had one final, fabulous meal at Cafe 615:

My meal -- I had to have eggs for a second time that day because they were on a brunch menu. The eggs are over a meat meal -- I have forgotten the actual meat, other than to say it was wonderful! I liked the courtyard setting, and I was informed by the restaurant that they recently remodeled! The meal included entertainment:

And the staff was kind enough to take my picture from the street:

So even though (sarcasm mode on) the city of Mobile had the nerve not to change their Sunday schedule for me, my final day of the trip was very, very pleasant. (As you can see from my shirt, I had lost enough weight to show off my "muscles" in the hot sun) While I personally would want to return to Mobile on a different day of the week to sample things unavailable to me on this Sunday morning, Mobile definitely holds a variety of venues to satisfy people with many diverse interests. Thank you Allan Sherman for triggering me to go! (Please see my post on Spot of Tea for the reference).

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