Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Returning to my "roots" in Boston

My father loved the city of Boston. He took the family there several times. On New Year's Day, 2010, I decided to go there on my own to explore.

My first stop was enjoying the ice sculptures in Copley Square, at the suggestion of the hotel clerk.

This was followed by an excellent meal at Dolce Vita, in the North End:

The above picture is of one of the staff members, who kept yelling, "Ay ay ay!" I had to have my picture taken with him! Below is the scumptious pasta and seafood dish -- one of the final times I have allowed myself a pasta meal since the beginning of 2010. Here is the link:


The following morning, after breakfast at a local diner close to my hotel, I took in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum:

I thought the museum was excellent, very detailed and informative about how influential President Kennedy was. Here is the link:


I followed this up by honoring my lineage -- my paternal grandmother's maiden name was Revere, and we are descendents, so I had to see his home. Pictures do not do this justice.

I had lunch in the North End, followed by perusing Quincy Market. The I went up to Harvard Square. I discovered a Curious George store, perfect for the child within:

I spent over two hours in the Harvard Coop bookstore, before having dinner on the square. After dinner, I had my most recent hot fudge sundae at JP Licks, which, for those who continue to consume such sweets (and how jealous of them I am), I highly recommend.

Sunday, January 3 was spent in Salem. I saw the Salem Witch Museum, learning about the condemnation of those believed to be witches. Unfortunately, many attractions were closed due to the weather. I had my final Massachusettes at Salem Beer Works, watching football. I learned a valuable lesson from the waitress, who had suggested a order a half-order of the nachos -- I didn't listen...this time, but I learned that a half-order on a menu is often quite sufficient. Here is the link for Salem Beer Works -- I appreciate the excellent food and good service:


There is so much to see in the Boston area. My trip comprises only the few attractions I could get to in two and a half days.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the excellent service I received at the Braintree Motel 6. Kind and excellent suggestions on how I spend my time in Boston were provided. The location is walking distance from the T-Train, which was necessary in the snowy weather. I recommend this location for lodging on a budget, and, quite frankly, for lodging in general.

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