Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nostalgia in Rhode Island

My father told me the family went to Newport, Rhode Island -- I had just vague memories of the trip. But with a day off for President's Day, 2010, I had a long weekend to take a trip, and I really wanted to do a trip to Rhode Island I would better remember -- so I did.

I arrived late afternoon on February 13. With limited time for that day, I drove along scenic Ocean Drive, stopping to take pictures.

The next morning, I had a nice breakfast at The Hungry Monkey, taking pictures of their pictures of celebrity figures holding monkeys. Naturally, the one of Tigger pictured below was one of my favorites:

I am eating corn beef hash with eggs on top -- yummy! Here is the link for the restaurant, which I would recommend for Newport breakfast:

Next stop -- The International Tennis Hall of Fame. I am not the hugest tennis fan, but I watch the sport, and I learned a lot. I hadn't known, for instance, that Bobby Riggs was so good -- all I knew about was some of his views on women. I liked the Hall -- I spent several hours there -- and I sure those who are more passionate about Tennis would love it!

Here is the link:

I followed this up by touring two of the mansions, The Breakers, which had been inhabited by the Vanderbilts, and The Elms. The mansions were quite beautiful, reflecting the excess of the period, as I learned.

In between seeing the two mansions, I had lunch at The Red Parrot, eating their Monsta Lobsta sandwhich:

Here is the link for the restaurant, which I also recommend:

For dinner, I ate at The Moorings -- it was crowded, because it was Valentine's Night. Once again, I would recommend the place at which I ate. I had a bowl of unique Scallop Chowder, and a "bag of donuts" -- some little fish-filled balls -- while I sat with a view of the water and the bridge (the picture of the bridge is terrible -- I apologize). This is the first time I consulted with the waitress, let her know that my "eyes are bigger than my stomach," and asked how I could keep the meal reasonable while still eating meal. The meal was her suggestion, and filled me up nicely -- it is the second picture.

Such service, beauty, and good food has to be recommended! Here is the link:

The next morning, after breakfast, I hiked the Cliff Walk -- long, but beautiful!

You get some nice views of the mansions from the walk. Be prepared for quite a long hike! I call this a MUST! Here is the link:

I closed my time in Newport with some shopping for souvenirs, and a pleasant nacho meal at The Brick Alley Pub and Restaurant:

Here is the link:

For natural beauty, gorgeous mansions, great food, and more, you can't go wrong in Newport, Rhode Island.

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