Saturday, April 30, 2011

City Island's Black Whale Restuarant

I spent the day on City Island, a short bus ride from my home. I did not take my camera, so there are no pictures to provide. I can say that the island provides many pictureseque views, very beautiful. I walked from the first bus stop to the end of City Island Avenue, and there is a lot more I could have done! I will be returning to the Island for more. For today, however, I just wanted a couple of places to sit, sip on some unsweetened iced tea, and read. Sammy's Shrimp Box was one stop, with nice outdoor seating. Here is their link:

I was also VERY favorably impressed by The Black Whale, a small, cozy restaurant. They allowed me to sit for well over an hour, sipping my tea and reading. The ambiance of the place, coupled with the friendliness of the staff, guaranteed that this will be a place I return to on my trips to the Island. Little knick knacks, like a barber shop light in the restaurant, give it its charm, as does an outside patio which I will have to sample on a warmer day (a bit windy for my tastes today).

And I have a feeling I may have one of my weekly meals out at this establishment! The Sunday Brunch Buffet comes recommended by two patrons with whom I spoke today, though my personal struggles with food makes buffets dangerous for me. No matter -- there are a number of tempting, and very reasonably priced sandwiches that fit my dietary needs, as well as some interesting sounding meals from "The Land," and "The Sea." I will definitely find what to eat! :)

Check out their website, and drop in for iced tea or a meal -- you'll fall in love with the place, as I did:

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