Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More recent stuff

I went skiing for the first (and second) time this winter.

My Dad had told me not to ski when I was heavy, and now that I am much thinner, I didn't want to wait any longer. I went up on Martin Luther King Weekend, and back the weekend of February 25-27.

Eating while traveling is a special challenge, given my diet. My plan while I travel -- I eat three meals a day, as opposed to the four I normally eat in day. Of course, the three meals are larger -- I allow myself the joy of having some tasty, but more fattening meals while I travel, but it is back to the smaller meals when I return home. The meals have to last me about six hours each, between meals.

I had four breakfast meals in Arkville, where I stayed. Three of those meals were at the Arkville Bread and Breakfast, also affectionately known as The Caboose:

Jack, the owner and chef (not pictured), was quite friendly, taking pictures of me at my request. Here I am with one of his sizeable breakfast sandwhiches, which more than met my needs:

Little knick-knacks around the restaurant give it a cozy feel:

The food is inexpesive, and the service is friendly, personable. I would highly recommend Arkville Bread and Breakfast to anyone staying in the Arkville area.

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