Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Southern Hospitality

This past September (2010), I took a tour of the Deep South. Starting in New Orleans, I went to visit Baton Rouge, Natchez, Tupelo, Birmingham, Atlanta, Montgomery and Mobile. Why those cities? In part due to the Allan Sherman song, Good Advice, where he describes a caveman who went from his cave in Natchez, to his uncle's cave in Mobile! :) The food in the South did not disappoint! (I know it's strange for someone who touts weight loss on his blog to discuss so many restaurants, but believe me, other highlights are coming.) One place that stood out was Mobile's Spot of Tea, where I had breakfast on the final day of my trip:

The portions are HUGE! My meal -- smorgasbord of everything I love for breakast (eggs, homefries, a good sause, hollondaise in this case, and meat) -- all on one plate! The service was friendly, with them taking the top picture. The ambiance was perfect -- it was definitely a unique, Mobile staple at which I was eating. A definite MUST during your stay in Mobile.

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