Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Better Half Goes to the Southern Half (Hemisphere)

Hi All! I just returned from my latest adventure to the Southern Hemisphere, where I visited Rio de Janeiro, Iguassa Falls, and Buenos Aires. Among the highlights in Rio was the tour of Santa Teresa, a town of quiet reflection. I enjoyed the entire day, especially the Escadaria Selaron stairway!

I enjoyed my time with everyone on the tour, and Luis, the tour guide was excellent:
I'd recommend this tour, by Urban Adventures, to anyone going to Rio, and I'd recommend Luis as a tour guide!

Monday, July 29, 2013


It's been awhile since I posted -- very busy, but no excuse. So what have I done since my last post?

September, 2012 -- My return to the Berkshires -- Hiking and Alpine Slides in Jiminy Peaks! Visiting Herman Melville's home -- quite educational and fun! The next day, the Clark Art Museum and watching the Jets at Matt Reilly's Pub! Fun and good company all around! And a return to the I84 Diner, in Fishkill, NY on the way home. A great trip.

October, 2012 -- Mount Monadnock -- Climbing over 3000 feet! I can do it now that I weigh less, thank God! Of course, being over 40, I didn't recover for a few weeks! Driving the beautiful nearby scenery and watching the Jets the next day at Lab 'n Lager -- an excellent social environment! And two wonderful breakfast meals at The Pub Restaurant in Keene, New Hampshire, where they treated me right!

April, 2013 -- Mystic, CT -- I brought all my meals with me for the first time. But that didn't stop me from enjoying the many wonderful shops in Mystic Village, enjoying shanties, and playing 19th Century baseball at the Seaport, petting friends in the Aquarium, and enjoying the many funky downtown shops. All without the benefit of restaurant food! (And this is not an insult to any of those restaurants -- I did not frequent them, so I simply cannot speak to them).

June, 2013 -- Burlington, Vermont -- Visiting my old college roommate, we perused the local shops, brought our dinner, which we ate by the waterfront, and hiked, enjoying the beautiful views.

New England is beautiful my friends!