Saturday, March 3, 2012

Annapolis -- More than just the Naval Academy

My most recent trip was to Annapolis, Maryland, home of the US Naval Academy. I was going to start there, but I realized that altering my schedule would allow for better travel. I started with lunch at Carrol's Creek Cafe:

Here is a link to the restaurant:

Along with my fried oyster po'boy and fruit substitute for potatoes:

Next up, I stopped at the Banneker-Douglas Museum, which documents Maryland's African American history. Here is a link to the museum, along with some pics:

Frederick Douglas, the man himself!:

Two pics of the featured artist, Loring Cornish:

My buddy Leron, who gave me an outstanding overview of the museum and its history, and made me feel like a welcome guest in his home:

I had time afterwards, so I stopped at the Maryland State House. Among other things, it is famous for being the site of where George Washington resigned his post as commission of the commander in chief of the US Army. Here is a link:

After checking into my hotel, and cleaning up, I had a fabulous dinner at The Rockfish -- a fish taco appetizer with a side salad. The staff was exceptional in helping me pick out a reasonable meal for my dietary concerns, and the food was scrumptious. Do not miss this restaurant when you go to Annapolis. I included a link and a picture:

My breakfast experience -- not meal, experience -- at Chick and Ruth's Delly (spelling intentional!) the next morning:

Revisiting old Mid-Atlantic favorites with my second ever scrapple meal, with eggs, and sliced tomatoes replacing potatoes:

Me and Teddy, the proprietor:

The link to the restaurant, another "don't miss":

The Naval Academy -- more than just an afterthought:

I learned so much of how the navy and maritime has shaped our country. As a sports fan, I was also taken by how sports are encouraged to build the concept of teamwork. This pic of David Robinson, NBA great, was one of my favorites:

Here is the link:

My lunch at Middleton Tavern afterwards -- Filet Mignon and salad, again picked out with the help of a very helpful staff. Yet a third "don't miss":

Here is the link:

I had tea at Starbuck's afterwards. So what? Well, this Starbuck's was a former speakeasy!

With a passageway that allegedly allowed politicians to discreetly return to the State House after their night out:

And some records:

My nice dinner at Harry Brown's -- Crab Cake and Salad, and they substituted fruit for desert, allowing me to have all courses in my diet:

 The link:

And my breakfast the next morning at Pusser's Carribean Grill -- a crabmeat omelet, again with fruit substitute for potatoes! The staff was so helpful in helping me pick out my meal. Catch that scenery by my table:

And the model boats throughout:

I had a nice chat with Jay, the general manager. A different, but equally outstanding experience compared to Chick and Ruth's, and don't miss this one either. Here is the link:

I left after breakfast for St. Michaels, which I will discuss separately. But Annapolis was fantastic! The history was incredible -- I was moved to tears by it! And the restaurant staffs were first rate. Make Annapolis one of your travel stops!