Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Orleans -- What Was, and What Might Have Been

Returning to my tour of the Deep South, which I began to describe prior to taking a break to describe New England treasures...

I flew into New Orleans, setting foot in Louisiana, the 47th State in which I had set foot. From all accounts, New Orleans promised to be magical -- and it was. The trip was also surreal.

I stayed at the Quality Inn, on O'Keefe Avenue, walking distance from the action surrounding and on Bourbon Street. I highly recommend the location, as it is reasonably priced as far as hotels in downtown New Orleans go, and the staff was super friendly and helpful. I was allowed to use their computer by request, and they helped substantially with other needs that arose, as I will describe.

I arrived well after midnight on Friday, September 3. The following morning, I had a good breakfast at The Original Pierre Maspero's. Here are some pictures:

I bought some beads next:

Then I enjoyed my trip around Jackson Square:

I perused the St. Louis Cathedral and the shops, buying a mask. Here is the link to Jackson Square:

Next, and by accident, I found the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park, where I was able to sample some local musicians for free! I learned about jazz -- and how if you have to ask what it is, you don't know:

Make no mistake about it, those children are talented. Here is the link:

I was only short walk from the French Market:

I really enjoyed Bill Hemmerling's Art, which I saw at an unplanned stop at a gallery for Southern Art:

I learned about how Mr. Hemmerling had begun a career in art in his final five years of life, after he had been released from his work at Sears.

I also enjoyed Faulkner's House of Books:

There was iced tea at Cafe Royal:

Followed by a nice upstairs patio lunch!
And as I'm sure that is a lot to digest, I'll stop there...for now. :) More on New Orleans, later!

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