Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baton Rouge -- My "Other" Stop in Louisiana

I drove from New Orleans to Baton Rouge in the evening on September 5, still reeling from the events surrounding my mother's death. But checking into my motel, and speaking with my friend, helped to calm me considerably. My next search was a stop to eat -- I had my meal at The Chimes, a popular spot near the LSU Campus:

 Here is a link to the restaurant:

I had the crab cake sandwhich, which includes crab, shrimp, and crawfish -- a very pleasant meal!

Breakfast the next day was at La Lou's, formerly known as The Broken Egg -- I prefer the new name myself, as I like all references to the states I have visited! :) I had the absolutely scrumptious brunch nachos:

The link to the restaurant, which I'd highly recommend for Baton Rouge breakfast:

But I hasten to add that my trip to Baton Rouge was hardly about the food I had, good as the two meals were. My time at the LSU Campus was very memorable. I loved sites such as the Memorial Tower:

The Greek Theater:

 And, of course, everyone recommended I visit Mike the Tiger, the mascot of the sports teams -- that is one of the most recommended stops in Baton Rouge:

Signposts pay homage to Mikes of the past:

Mike was sleeping, as tigers normally do -- I read on one of the placards that they actually sleep about 20 hours a day:

I had to have my picture taken in front of the football stadium:

My next stop was the Louisiana State Capitol Building. The building is historic for many reasons, such as the death of governor Huey Long via assassination in 1935. I also liked that the names of the 48 continental states were engraved on the steps, with Alaska and Hawaii engraved near the entrance. But two experiences stood out more. First, the picturesque views from the observation deck:

Of course, such views shouldn't be much of a surprise -- as the Louisiana State Capitol Building is the tallest State Capitol Building in the United States:

And, of course, I was not going to leave Louisiana without seeing a plantation. The Myrtles, in St. Francesville, was my stop. It is said to be haunted, so beware....:

Sorry for the quality of the picture labeling the site as The Myrtles. In the second picture below, I am in front of the Antebellum Home:

Here is the link to the home:

Most people with whom I spoke, asking for suggestions on what to see in Baton Rouge informed me there was not much. I strongly disagree. From the wonderful food that I ate, to the many little things that make the LSU Campus a special place to visit, to the unusual State Capitol building, to the plantation just a short drive away, my time in Baton Rouge was a day well spent -- a much needed vacation day after what had transpired with my mother's death the day before.

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