Monday, May 23, 2011

Katonah, New York and Ridgefield, Connecticut

I divided time yesterday between Katonah, New York and Ridgefield, Connecticut. In Katonah, I sat in the Katonah Restaurant. Though I had decided going in that I was not going to eat out this weekend, and, thus, did not have lunch there, I was nonetheless very pleased with what I saw. The place was PACKED, giving credence to the couple that sat next to me, who praised the food. I chatted some with Mike, part owner, who took the time to answer all questions about the iced tea I ordered, making sure I was satisfied with what I ordered, and taking the time to brew the tea I wanted and put it over ice (caffeine free, calorie free, etc.) on this busy day. He also chatted with me about travels and the like. With such excellent service for iced tea only, I promised Mike my business in the future -- and I will make good on that promise, as I plan to frequent the John Jay Homestead. On the menu for the Katonah Restaurant, I noticed a gyro and eggs platter which would nicely fit my diet -- though I would probably have the home fries on a meal like this, the Katonah Restaurant also offers fresh fruit with egg meals!

Later in the day, I drove into Ridgefield, Connecticut. There is a lot of history in that little town, which I will explore on a later trip. For yesterday, I spent some time in Books on the Common, a quaint little bookstore on Main Street. Here is the link:

They have a nice selection of books, comfortable seats in which to sit and read, and attentive and informative staff.

I finished up my day in Tazza Cafe, one of a small chain of four locations in the area. The Ridgefield location also had a friendly, informative staff that spent time speaking with me and other patrons, and answered all my questions prior to my purchasing my drink. Here is the link:

Healthy wraps and sandwhiches are in abundance on the menu, as you can see. There were also some VERY tempting treats, which, alas, I could not sample due to dietary concerns -- if you do not share my dietary concerns, I would suggest sampling them, though I cannot speak of direct experience in doing so.

Although I did not frequent Deborah Ann's, a candy store on Main Street, yesterday, I have in the past, and can recommend it for desert or gifts. They are expanding, and, according to their web site, posted below, they can mail their candy to you:

The towns of Katonah and Ridgefield provided a nice, relaxing break yesterday. They have other gift shops to peruse, and I definitely plan to explore more of the historical sites of those towns. They have more to offer than simply the food options mentioned here, though those options do provide nice respite from a busy day in the area. In addition to the John Jay Homestead, there is an art museum in Katonah, for instance. These little towns are packed with activities for a getaway from the city, or just a pleasant day anytime.

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