Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Little Spot

Before I get back to describing my time in New Orleans, I want to describe a great little spot with a lot of tradition along Route 22 in the Valhalla/White Plains area, just outside of New York City. It's called The Little Spot, and it's been serving customers hotdogs, hamburgers, ice cream, and the like for over 60 years! Naturally, given my diet, I just stopped for my iced tea, before hiking along the Bronx River Parkway. I got a whole lot more than that! Free refills on the iced tea! Quite reflection time in a homey little joint. Great conversation with patrons who have been frequenting that joint for decades, one since 1958! I had a nice discussion with Joe, Jr., the son of the original owner, who described the path his parents, and now he, take to maintain the establishment. My server, Greg, couldn't have been kinder. Definitely worth a stop for a drink or a meal, depending on your fancy.

Here is a link, which is a documentary describing the history of the establishment in more detail:

Along with my walking along the Bronx River Parkway -- which was relaxing and picturesque, if not so quiet being next to a highway -- I had the Saturday afternoon I love when my "traveling" can only be a short hop drive somewhere on a pretty day like today!

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