Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Zipping" Through Maui

On July 3, I awoke and jogged, then had breakfast at CJs Diner and Deli, where I had my first "Loco-Moco" -- Hamburger meat with eggs, a local favorite. Yummy, with the gravy! Here are some pics:

The restaurant itself...:

The scrumptious loco-moco!...:

And the friendly couple, Mack and Christine, who invited me to join them for breakfast:

Mack and Christine -- I lost my cell phone, and all the numbers in it later in the trip! If you read this, please contact me! You can contact me here, or via facebook. I also gave you my cell phone number, which is still my cell phone number. You guys were awesome, and I'd love to hear from you!

Here is the link to the restaurant:


I left the awesome breakfast at the local joint to drive to the Maui Tropical Plantation, for my zipline adventure! The day was a lot of fun, and, as it was geared towards beginners as I was that day, piqued my interest for more challenging zipline courses. We had five zipline opportunities, as well as the first of many opportunities to learn about the lay of the Maui agricultural land -- plants, mountains, etc. I haven't included that, because I wanted to zip line!!!!!

Here are some pics of the highlights:

This is Avocado, one of the instructors. Despite his goofiness, which is why he is featured on my blog, he was as safety conscious as all the instructors, and very good, as they all were:

Here I am on one of the "freelance" lines -- I am going hands-free only at the okay of the instructors...:

The final zipline, where I am yelling "40 = 50!"

And a picture of the name of the site, with phone number and website...how fortuitous!...:

Just in case, here is the link:


Of note, I had to be weighed for this experience. I weighed in at 125! Ziplining has a weight restriction -- 250 pounds at this company. Guess who couldn't go ziplining a couple years back?

Be that as it may, the Maui Zipline company provided an awesome, fun, informative introduction to ziplining. I want to do more because of it. You can't ask for anything more as the novice that I was! Highly recommended, especially if you haven't done ziplining before. And ask for Avocado, and not just for lunch (just don't mention guacamole, he hates that :) )!

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