Monday, July 18, 2011

An Amazing Sunset

After washing up after the surf, I had lunch at Leilani's on the Beach, in Whaler's Villae. I was introduced to a very kind staff, live music, and fish tacos in an outdoor setting, my favorite. The fish was Ono, a new fish for my taste buds when the trip began, but hardly by the time I returned home! Here are some pics, along with a link to the restaurant:

I found it frustrating finding restaurants open "late" for breakfast and dinner -- I had this meal maybe at 2:30 P. M.! But Leilani's was great, and hit the spot!

After some tea at the Wharf, I went on a sunset cruise. I shared my table with an elderly couple, from whom I learned a lot about what Hawaii had to offer. I also enjoyed the scenery:

The sunset was majestic:

And I could't resist taking a picture of the moon, to complement that of the rainbow I had taken earlier in the day, and the sunset:

The company that offered this cruise is the Lahaina Cruise Company. I highly recommend them for a number of reasons. Most importantly, they offer a great, relaxing sunset cruise, which really hit the spot for this tense New Yorker! Second, they catered to my dietary needs, packing up my meal -- scrumptious Macadamia Nut Encrusted Mahi Mahi, with salad and dinner rolls, includin the local taro rolls -- so I could eat it back in my accommodations. Third, their staff took the time to take pictures and talk to the patrons -- very friendly. Everything you could possible want from a sunset cruise! Their cruise provided the perfect end to a very nice first day in paradise!

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