Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Maui -- The Best of the Rest

After finishing the road to Hana, I had just hours before my flight to Kauai. But the final hours had some nice moments! Here are the picks:

There was the final Maui sunset:

And I couldn't resist the name of this shop, where I got my decaf tea!:

Kimo's Restaurant, open late, with a wonderful meal and friendly staff:

Here is the link to Kimo's, which I definitely recommend:

And my final Maui meal the next day, breakfast at The Sea House Restaurant:

My meal -- eggs benedict with crabmeat, one of my favorites!:

A final Maui rainbow:

Waterside dining, of course:

And another friendly visitor:

Here is the link to The Sea House Restaurant:

I came to Hawaii with unrealistic expectations that could never be met. 40=50, the trip of a lifetime -- a lot of pressure. That said, Maui was full of wonderful experiences, as well as the hardships. Life happens on any trip. But there are enough treasures on Maui, and I am very happy it was part of my 40th Birthday celebration. A few hours later, I was off to Kauai

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