Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Difficult Independence Day

I awoke early the next day, refreshed, and trying to arrange my meals around the luau I would attend that night, and still meet my eating schedule. I had breakfast at Java Jazz, the restaurant open earliest. Little knick-knacks were all over the place...

I love this chandelier!....

My waiter, the ex-husband of the owner, said the fritatta, pictured below, was "out of this world!" He was right! I loved it!

Here he is...:

And the restaurant...

Here is a link to the restaurant...check it out!:

I followed this up with a trip to the IAO Valley Needle:

A nice sight for sure -- over 2200 feet in height!

This was followed by my first jog on the beach, Big Beach in Makena! Unfortunately, I hadn't identified the sunscreen as problematic, and it dripped into my eyes as I exercised. I was in a lot of discomfort afterwards. I had a nice lunch at Gannon's Pacific View Restaurant. The food and view were excellent, but it was difficult to enjoy because of my physical pain. Nonetheless, here is the link to check out the restaurant, which is worth the trip!:

I contacted the luau company while I waited for my meal. I was assured they would assist me in keeping with my diet. This was the first indication that this luau would be the special experience I would hope for, in spite of my difficulties. The luau deserves its own entry, which will be next...

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