Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Authentic Luau On Our Country's Holiday

I had to do my luau with Old Lahaina Luau. They offered the only pure Hawaiian Luau, focusing on Hawaiian culture, with other local luaus giving a more broad experience of Polynesian culture. I was in Hawaii, and I wanted to focus on Hawaii.

The luau was absolutely wonderfully done! Keep in mind that as I say that, my personal experience was affected by two factors that had nothing to do with the company or the luau itself -- my focus on having my meal at the correct time and difficulties with the sunscreen, which, for the third time, dripped into my eyes. Both factors affected my ability to concentrate on the presentation. But the presentation itself was superb!

The night began with the unearthing of the pig. I don't eat pork normally, but I sampled it later that night...I had to..."When in Rome..." :)

Little trinkets were sold throughout the grounds...:

My server..."Kyle with a smile...":

Of course, the three most popular people at the sites...the bartenders! :) :

A beautiful with my lei:

Excellent choreography...two photograph which cannot do it justice...:

Me and Kyle:

And I have to mention Kalei, with whom I spoke about my dietary concerns, and who not only made sure I got to eat on my schedule, but also helped me know what was most healthy and what was most desirable in the buffet...which was scrumptious! Here we are together:

Here I am at the end of the night, outside the luau grounds:

And here is the link to the luau, which I HIGHLY recommend:

Like I said, I experienced some personal difficulties, which in no way reflect on this excellent company, and even with those difficulties, the experience was tremendous. For your authentic Hawaiian luau experience on Maui, definitely consider making Old Lahaina Luau part of your plans. Kind, excellent service, unforgettable food, and amazing choreography you will absolutely enjoy.

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  1. We did a bunch of other amazing things during our trip to Hawaii, but I really wanted to share this experience as a must do! Here’s a link to there website I’m making a list of the other fun activities we did, so feel free to hit me up for ideas : ) If you are looking for what to do in Maui this is highly recommended. Enjoy your trip!"