Monday, June 6, 2011

Recent Activities

As you may recall, I had plans to go to Cooperstown, New York over the Memorial Day Weekend. Plans changed, but myself and my travel partner, and his brother, still enjoyed a nice day at the Hayden Planetarium. I enjoyed learning about the expanding universe, and black holes. Here is a link to learn more about the Planetarium, which is connected to the American Museum of Natural History:

We enjoyed lunch at Ed's Chowder House, followed by a trip to Grand Central Station, for our return trip. Sometimes, I get spoiled living in New York City, and I forget how extravagant the station is, with shops, restaurants, a food court, and majestic views. Here is a link:

Yesterday, I returned to Katonah, New York. I had the gyro and eggs, with homefries and whole wheat toast. A simple, yet scrumptious meal, along with another nice conversation with Mike, the part-owner. I followed this meal by going to the John Jay Homestead. Although I only spent enough time there for a guided tour of the house and viewing a few of the sites on the self-guided tour, there is a lot more I could have seen! The self-guided tour is estimated to last about an hour, and there is also hiking available, which I did not sample yesterday. Here is a link to the site:

I learned a lot from my trip, including the fact that John Jay was probably one of the most influential men in the forming of America as we know it, rivaling such people as George Washington in his influence. He is not, however, as well known outside of New York, in part because of conflicts in his nature -- for instance, he opposed slavery on moral grounds, while still owning slaves; he was a wealthy man, though he attempted to present modestly, etc. The homestead also discusses his involvement in agriculture.

My day ended in the town of Bedford. I had tea at The Meeting House, and Erica's Kitchen. Here are the links:

The Meeting House is a nice restaurant, with staff that was very considerate of my questions, even though all I had was tea. As for Erica's Kitchen, it is a relatively new, quaint little place in the village of Bedford. I had a caffeine-free, calorie-free tea that tastes "like a creamsicle," as Erica stated. Enticing, organic meals are available. If you're in the area, check out these two establishments.

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