Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Scrumptious Eats in Lake George -- From NYC

I have learned to take my own food with me wherever I go. For those without an eating disorder, there are no shortage of great restaurants in the Lake George area -- believe me, I frequented many of them when I lived in the area! But I decided if my food from home is good enough at home, it is good enough when I travel. The following pics highlight some of the enjoyment from eating my own food on the road including a wonderful meal itself -- tofu, steak, cheese, strawberries and sweet potatoes!
And friends who joined me for lunch:

I never thought I would prefer this experience to restaurant eating! But again, if you do not have an eating disorder, and enjoy eating in restaurants, do not hesitate in Lake George, or Saratoga, or any other city in the area -- they offer a fine selection!

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