Wednesday, October 26, 2011

July 8 -- A Relaxing Day of Tubing, Waterrfalls, and the Beach

 July 8 was a calm, pleasant day. It began with breakfast at the Tip Top Cafe -- More Loco-Moco, the local favorite at a local favorite restaurant. Here are the pics of the breakfast, the menu, and the restaurant name:

Afterwards, I engaged in water tubing, going through five different tunnels. It was actually calm and relaxing, a pleasant change of pace from the previous day. Here are some pics:

Here is the company -- Kaua'i Backcountry Adventures

Oh, no! I'm about to disappear into a cave! :) :

It's all good, though...and very relaxing! :

Afterwards, after jogging on the beach, I enjoyed a fish sandwich at Kalapaki Joe's

Before hiking to a scenic waterfall:

And just a nice relaxing walk along the beach, a bit of down time:

Before my dinner at Hukilau Lanai:

With live entertainment in the outside lobby of the hotel in which the restaurant was located:

Another top-notch salad:

And traditional Hawaiian fish meal:

July 8 wasn't the most exciting day of the trip. It was the break I needed after the stress of the previous day. I enjoyed it very much -- very pleasant!

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