Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back to Hawaii

It's been awhile since I posted. Sorry dear readers -- began working a second job recently. When last I posted, I was getting ready to leave Maui for K'auai.

I arrived in K'auai adventurous as always. But it was difficult to just run and do things. My first day was kind of quiet. Some themes for my time on the island emerged on this first day, however.

I had my first meal at the Olympic Cafe. Here I am with my yummy Thai Peanut Butter Wrap, with the beautiful background.

I thought the K'auai roosters were cool:

At least initially, the scenery was beautiful -- here is one of the many island waterfalls...:

More beautiful water scenery:

 Not pictured were my next stops. I bought a refrigerator magnet of the serenity prayer -- In Hawaiian dialect! Then I had a nighttime walk along the beach -- the pictures did not come out well. This was before my evening meal, at Duke's. The restaurant was open the latest, meeting my dietary, times meals in that manner. I was told good things about Duke's. It did not disappoint. I really liked this pond, with the fish, right in the bar area:

I was told the salad bar was a treat in itself -- and it was! Here is my salad, which I enjoyed immensely:

And here is my yummy fish dinner -- Opah, I think:

My server, Caleb, wanted to be in the picture...what was I gonna say, no?

On my last day in Hawaii, I would return to Duke's for a second -- and third -- meal (I needed a meal for the plane). These pictures should tell the story as to why! :)

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