Thursday, March 31, 2011

Additional Highlights (of my trip)

The Twin Peaks, uhm, piqued, my interest. Other highlights created memories that have lasted a lifetime.

Traversing the Golden Gate Bridge and hiking throughout the Marin Headlands remain among the more breathtaking travel experiences I have ever had. There is no way I can truly put into words the majestic nature of walking over the Pacific Ocean, seeing the city of San Francisco, climbing above the bridge on the Headlands, and losing myself for hours in the peaks and valleys.

The Bridge:

 And the bottom picture is the Headlands.

There was Pier 39

I'd go here for fun, and to eat the scrumptious bread baskets with White Clam Chowder -- eating the bowl when I was done with the soup!

I went to two baseball games. On June 7, 1997, I saw the Braves (my team) play the Giants. Greg Maddux was his usual masterful self. He had a perfect game going late, before allowing the Giants to tie on a 2-run homer by Glenallen Hill. But the Braves rallied in the ninth, thanks to a triple by Kenny Lofton, in his only season with the Braves. Mark "Bay City" Wohlers shut the door, striking out Barry Bonds to end it. Contrary to popular belief, he hadn't yet folded his tent, despite his struggles in the 1996 World Series.

And on June 14, I saw the Oakland A's play the Colorado Rockies in the first year of interleague play. Of note, Mark McGwire still played for the A's, and Jose Canseco and Walt Weiss also played for the Athletics that day.

I saw Haight/Ashbury, and Coit Tower (I apologize for the quality of the pictures, and the orientation of the tower).

Not pictured -- visits to Golden Gate Park -- quite spectacular.

And, the unheralded Sutro Bath, ruins of the worlds largest indoor swimming pool.

There was finding $40 on top of a video game -- on my 26th birthday, June 26, 1997. I spent the money on dinner at The Stinking Rose.

There was Ghiardelli Square, great for a chocolate lover like I was.

It may have only been my first travel experience, and I may not have maximized my time. But oh, what memories I have!

It is no wonder I returned in 2003.

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