Friday, August 31, 2012

#8 -- Relying on the Kindness of Others

Below is a picture of my meal at a fine dining restaurant in Florence, Buca Mario:

As usual -- my meal is pictured with the restaurant menu. That's a Florentine, T-Bone steak with my mixed salad. A good meal. But I told myself these top ten moments of Italy would not be about the food per-se.

So why this picture?

It wasn't taken with my camera.

I had left my memory card at home. I had no means of taking my customary picture. No way to document, in photo, this experience of eating an authentic Florentine steak. I needed help. I asked for a fellow patron to do it, and she kindly complied! I gave her my email, and she said she would send it to me. I could only have faith she would. I bought a round of drinks for her and her husband (I offered to her son as well -- soda for the young lad -- but he did not take me up on that). They saluted me, and that was that.

She sent it to my email before I was back in the states.

Traveling is about many things. One of them is meeting people, and doing service. But I have been blessed. I have relied on the kindness of strangers, as was said in the Tennesse Williams play, strangers who have taken pictures, or jump-started my car, or done all sorts of kind things. I thank my friend who who took the picture for me when I did not have a camera to do so, and for sending it to me -- my faith in this woman was validated! :)

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