Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Local Eats -- Relaxing at Rockwell's

Another local stop that I enjoy is Rockwell's in Pelham, New York, an easy drive just a few miles from my home. Here is their link:

I have been there three times. The staff has very graciously answered all of my questions, and have been very understanding of my need for moderately sized meals. The first suggestion was their house steak. I have also had the steak and eggs brunch, and the Buffalo chicken finger wrap. All meals were extremely tasty. The house salad, which I had with honey mustard dressing, came with my first two meals -- the house steak and steak and eggs brunch meal -- and was particularly scrumptious.

The service was very much appreciated! I went there to watch my Jets in December, and was finished with my meal hours before the game ended. The staff allowed me to sit and drink hot tea while I watched the game, and was attentive to my needs the entire time. I felt very much like a welcome guest. It was a nice, relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the game with a good meal.

You can't go wrong relaxing at Rockwell's!

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