Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scrumptious Local Eats on The Bayou

When I traveled down South, I had my first Po' Boys. I recently learned that I duplicate the experience just a few miles from my home in the Bronx, at a Mount Vernon restaurant called The Bayou! Here is a link:


I have been there three times, and had three different, scrumptious Po' Boys. My first was the skirt steak Po' Boy. My second, and favorite of the three, by far, was the Fried Oyster Po' Boy -- I discovered a new food that I enjoy! Yesterday, Halloween, I enjoyed the Fried Catfish Po' Boy, which was reminiscent of my first experiences with Catfish on my Southern tour. I substituted the house salad for the cole slaw, having been told excellent things about the dressing on the salad -- the excellent reviews did not even begin to describe how delicious it was! I also substituted the Smashed Potatoes for the fries -- very good. There are many, many different flavors of hot sauce to sample, and you can try them all! I haven't, but it isn't for lack of effort -- there just isn't time in one sitting!

If the food were all there were to rave about at this restaurant, it would be a highly recommended place. But given my history with losing weight and managing my current weight, I often request more out of a restaurant in the form of questions over what meals will fit my dietary concerns, as I have noted frequently. I am happy to say that, at The Bayou, the staff is incredibly friendly and informative. They have taken a lot of time to answer my questions, suggesting the meals above, and telling me which meals are likely too large, based on my concerns. They have suggested various hot sauces they thought were particularly tasty. And they have made substitutions to fit my wants as well as my needs. In short, the staff has gone far above and beyond what I ever could have expected -- and I have kept going back!

So, if you are in the Northeast Bronx/Lower Westchester area, and experience a desire for a scrumptious taste of Southern Cuisine, look no further than the Bayou. You will not be disappointed.

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